Product Development

QuantX provides a unique, sovereign industrial capability to support Australian Defence and Space programs.

Our on-site capabilities range from R&D, design and prototyping to assembly, production and testing facilities.

Quantum Clocks

C-ROC – Compact Rubidium Optical Clock

QuantX, in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, has made a breakthrough in which optical atomic clocks can provide enhanced performance over microwave clock and do it in a much smaller package.

You can have low SWaP and high-performance timing in the one product

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Quantum Magnetometers


The Q-Mag is a compact high-performance magnetometer in development that can passively detect extremely small magnetic anomalies. By controlling and reading out the quantum states of rubidium atoms in a vapour.

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Time Transfer

T-Sync – Time Transfer Synchronisation

Distributing stable timing signals through optical fibre and free space.

The ability to accurately synchronise remote clocks through time transfer is critical for position, navigation and timing. GPS has been widely available for decades and modern society has evolved a deep reliance on the precision timing and position signals it provides.

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Microwave Oscillators

X-LNO – Ultra-Low-Noise Microwave Oscillator

The X-LNO is a microwave reference oscillator that produces world-leading ultra-low phase noise reference signal in the X-band region. By exploiting the remarkably high Q of sapphire, the oscillator delivers a +10 dBm signal with phase noise below -165 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.

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