Optical Magnetometer

Extreme magnetic field sensing


The Q-Mag is a compact, ultra-high performance quantum magnetometer system under development in collaboration with our research partner, The University of Adelaide. The technique used in our systems involves controlling and reading out the quantum states of rubidium atoms in a vapour cell using a frequency tuned laser diode.

This technology provides extreme sensitivity (<1 pT/√Hz) that allows detection of small targets at significant range, but equally important, is calibration-free and drift-free –allowing fusing of multiple sensors into an array that delivers reliable and high value information on the target, while simultaneously rejecting unwanted background noise that is much larger than the target signals themselves.

We have two current product offerings ready for customer-informed productization:

  1. A prototype, single sensor with 0.1 pT/√Hz sensitivity to be used for Use Case validation with our customers.
  2. A prototype sensor network array of up to 5 sensors using COTS parts with ~ 1pT/ sensitivity which provides enhanced intelligence (tracking, speed, bearing) on moving objects in the field of view of the sensor network.

Both products are based on laser measurements of a warm atomic cell and thus guarantee exceedingly small drift and high accuracy.

Key applications:

  • Extreme magnetic field sensing
  • Defence – detection of submarines, underwater mines, underground tunnels / munitions / buried IED’s / hazards.
  • Space – geospatial intelligence, mineral exploration