Optical Clocks

You can have low SWaP and high-performance time-keeping in the one product.


Compact Rubidium Optical Clock

Microwave atomic clocks are the backbone of existing GNSS networks (such as GPS and Galileo) as well as being at the heart of numerous high-performance terrestrial communications, radar and broadcast applications. However, QuantX, in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, has made a breakthrough in which optical atomic clocks can provide enhanced performance over microwave clock and do it in a much smaller package.

Our optical clock bridges the gap between large laboratory-based frequency standards and lower precision portable standards. This portability combined with cutting edge stability enables a range of new applications from high precision terrestrial navigation on mobile platforms to its deployment on MEO and LEO PNT constellations.

The design of the clock allows a direct trade-off between clock performance and Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) so that it can meet the timing needs of your application

Key applications:

  • Terrestrial navigation and timing on mobile platforms
  • Deep space communication
  • Data centre and telecommunication networks
  • GNSS constellations