Ultra-Low Phase Noise Oscillators

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Ultra-Low-Noise Microwave Oscillator

The X-LNO is a microwave reference oscillator that produces world-leading ultra-low phase noise reference signal in the X-band region. By exploiting the remarkably high Q of sapphire, the oscillator delivers a +10 dBm signal with phase noise below -165 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.

The X-LNO has a standard 3U package that is suited to rack-mounting although other OEM configurations are available on request. A key application for the X-LNO is the master oscillator in microwave communications and radar systems, including Precision Approach Radars and surface detection radars. The ultra-low phase noise of the X-LNO will enable significantly greater sensitivity in these radar systems when compared to quartz-based systems

This product can be configured to provide any frequency outputs between 8 to 12 GHz and wider ranges are possible on request.

Key applications:

  • Civilian and military radar​
  • Wind/gust monitoring near civilian airports​
  • Detection and tracking of fast-moving objects at a distance​
  • Identifying objects through Doppler signature​