Get the quantum advantage now for your most challenging missions in Space, Defence and Critical Infrastructure.

From the Earth to the Stars

Greater access to Space has presented radically new opportunities to sense the world around us and provide solutions to the world’s most complex problems. QuantX is developing quantum sensor payloads for deployment in low Earth orbit.

Quantum-enhanced situational awareness on the battlefield

Today’s warfighter relies on comprehensive situational awareness of the battlefield to enable faster and superior decision-making. Resilient and assured PNT information is critical for effective military operations. QuantX is developing compact quantum sensor modules for mobile deployment on the battlefield.

Accurate position, navigation, and timing (PNT) is necessary for the functioning of many critical infrastructure sectors. Precision timing is one aspect that is particularly important, with one microsecond level or better synchronization often being required by numerous infrastructure systems, such as the electric grid, communication networks and financial institutions.