Critical Infrastructure


Accurate position, navigation, and timing (PNT) is necessary for the functioning of many critical infrastructure sectors. Precision timing is one aspect that is particularly important, with one microsecond level or better synchronization often being required by numerous infrastructure systems, such as the electric grid, communication networks and financial institutions.

Currently, the primary source of distributed and accurate timing information is through the Global Positioning System (GPS). However, GPS’ space-based signals are low power and unencrypted, making them susceptible to both intentional and unintentional disruption.

  • Energy Distribution networks
    Measuring the phasors of electrical grids over wide areas is essential to safe and efficient operations. The measurements are achieved by devices which use GPS time as their synchronization reference. Timing is crucial for the reliability of these devices. Loss of GPS timing will result in inaccurate measurements and may lead to unsafe power grid operation. Timing is also important for disturbance monitoring and fault location.
  • Data Centres and Telecommunications
    The smartphone revolution has emphasized the need for accurate time stamps on all data, with more and more people reliant on the global networks. Data centers and connected devices store personal documents, photo libraries, and other personal data. They are also responsible for keeping track of various business information, with 90 percent of companies now connected to the cloud. Essentially, data centers support the daily operations of some of the most important services needed in modern society. Because of the huge amounts of data that is being stored, updated, and retrieved from these data centers across the globe, it’s important to protect them from jamming or spoofing attacks, system failure, and interference.
  • Finance
    Where microseconds are worth millions, an ultra-high precision time and frequency solutions is paramount. Financial organizations rely heavily on GPS for timing, as each trade is highly dependent on very accurate timing references. Additionally, financial organisations rely on secure and accurate positioning for cybersecurity. This reliance has become more critical as the use of mobile devices are relied upon for financial transactions worldwide.
  • Autonomous vehicles
    The idea of autonomous vehicles sharing the road is slowly becoming a reality. The need for high precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology is vital in providing the accuracy, availability and reliability that a vehicle requires to be self-driving. A fully autonomous vehicle needs an accurate localisation solution paired with the confidence that the localisation solution is correct.

• Metrology labs

• Academic institutions

• Quantum computing