Today’s warfighter relies on comprehensive situational awareness of the battlefield to enable faster and superior decision-making. Resilient and assured PNT information is critical for effective military operations. 

QuantX is developing compact quantum sensor modules for mobile deployment on the battlefield.

Enhanced Radar

Enhanced detection/tracking in contested environments, cluttered backgrounds, uncooperative targets.

Assured PNT

Resilient, assured operations in GNSS-degraded or denied environments. 

Undersea / grounD ISR

Enhanced detection and tracking of covert targets and change detection .

HF and Microwave Radars
The performance of Defence radars to detect and track low-cross-section targets in cluttered backgrounds can be limited by the phase noise and timing stability of the built-in local oscillator. QuantX’s Sapphire Oscillator technology can generate signals with extremely low phase noise at both close-to-carrier and wideband frequencies.

GPS-denied operations
Portable, quantum clocks provide military platforms with long-term timing holdover at GPS-level accuracy. Secure encryption keys are used to provide signal integrity across an allied network. This allows resilient and assured timing and positioning of deployed forces on land, sea and air

Anti-submarine warfare 
Underwater military platforms such as submarines and underwater autonomous vehicles use stealth as their competitive advantage. The number of submarines in use is rapidly increasing around the world, especially in South-East Asia. QuantX is developing quantum magnetometer sensors with 100x greater sensitivity than current systems. These sensor arrays can be deployed as a single cable on the ocean floor or flown in UAV’s to passively detect and track submarines at greater stand-off ranges.

Subterranean armory detection and tracking 
Enemy forces use underground tunnels in remote and urban environments to transport and store military equipment. This use case can range from detecting a soldier carrying a rifle through a city sewer several metres below a road or large military equipment being stored deep underground in remote mountains. QuantX is developing quantum magnetometer sensors that can passively detect objects deep into the Earth as if it wasn’t there.