from earth to the stars

Greater access to Space has presented radically new opportunities to sense the world around us and provide solutions to the world’s most complex problems. QuantX is developing quantum sensor payloads for deployment in low Earth orbit for the following use cases:

  • Precision Timing for Alternate PNT
    Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) information derived from GNSS generates trillions of dollars each year in economic benefits around the globe. This also makes it a significant vulnerability were PNT information to be become unavailable. QuantX has a long term mission to deploy an alternate-PNT network that provides powerful, protected and precise timing signals to critical systems on the Earth and in Deep-Space. Encrypted timing signals assure integrity of the timing and position information.
  • Earth Observation
    Earth Observation data is used to monitor all aspects of life on Earth. Observations from Space presents a new perspective that is only beginning to be exploited to its full potential. In-orbit missions deploying synthetic aperture radar, optical imaging and communications systems into low Earth orbit are being planned to image the Earth. QuantX is developing quantum sensor payloads to provide ‘on-board’ precision time and frequency signals to enhance the resolution and sensitivity achieved by these systems. We are also developing compact quantum magnetometers to measure extremely small anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field.

• Navigation and timing networks

• Magnetometry for mining