The Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment to grow our national space industry.

The initiative will showcase Australian generated Core technology and IP in projects that can support NASA in the ‘Artemis’ mission, then on to expand humanity in the ‘Moon to Mars’ (‘M2M’) mission.

QuantX Labs is developing a next-generation atomic clock based on optical technology for applications in space. This ground-breaking high-performance clock delivers to a multitude of applications that are of high value to numerous space end-users.

These applications include enhanced deep-space navigation and autonomy, acting as the heart of a future LEO timing network that will be at the basis of a sovereign Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solution for Australia, and as an ultra-low SWaP solution for a future LunarNet or MarsNet.

QuantX Labs’ KAIROS Mission is our space- based segment to provide an alternate sovereign PNT solution.

The KAIROS Mission  provides  reliable, protected and precise timing signals to critical systems on the Earth and in Deep-Space. Encrypted timing signals assure integrity of the timing and position information.