Cryoclock and BAE Systems Australia awarded $4.8 million from Federal Government

Cryoclock’s flagship product, Sapphire Clock, has already attracted the attention and major funding of national partners in the defence industry, seeking greater precision in radar. The Clock is thousands of times more precise than current timing components; losing just 1 second every 40 million years of operation! Although this level of precision seems both beyond comprehension and everyday application, important systems such as radar require this to work towards their ultimate limits.

In partnership with BAE Systems and the Department of Defence, Cryoclock is integrating this advanced technology into Australia’s leading surveillance system, JORN.

The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), based in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, provides 24-hour military surveillance of Australia’s northern approaches at ranges of up to 3000kms. Integration of the Sapphire Clock will underpin future enhancements and enable detection of much smaller objects with greatly increased sensitivity – ultimately protecting Australians.

The JORN project exemplifies Cryoclock’s ambitious strategy for precision components to revolutionise systems and realise impact.